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Principal's response to parent questions about PBCSD reopening plans

This information was sent via email on 9/2/2020.  If you did not recieve it, please call the TCS office at 494-1800 to update your contact information.

Dear TCS parents, guardians, and caretakers:


I am sending this email as a reminder about the phone message you will received today from our District asking for your decision for your child to attend in-person instruction, or remain in distance learning.  This information is vital for our planning so I encourage you, please, complete the survey for each of your children who attend public school. 


The script I read is linked below.  Included are two web links that you can type into your browser to find out more information regarding this choice.  Please look over everything carefully.


Some parents have already asked questions that I will answer to the best of my current knowledge in this email.  Please feel free to reach out and, if I have the answer, I will do my best to help you or direct you.




Will all students be expected to wear masks?

Yes, every student will have to wear a mask during the school day with the one exception of when they are eating.  Of  course, all faculty and staff will be wearing masks as well as face shields during the school day.  Students will be provided with 5 cloth face coverings.


Will there be social distancing in the classrooms?

Yes, we are  planning for a 6ft distance for each child's area in the classroom with their current teacher.  This will be possible if some of our families decide to keep their child at home, in distance learning.  If all students come back into a teachers classroom and the number exceeds the space in the classroom we will do our very best to keep the 6ft rule in place, or as close as possible. In the case of larger classes, say in upper grades or middle school, there may be the need for an overflow space where students will be taught.  We are doing our very best in every decision we make to keep our faculty and students safe.  Please understand that gathering in small groups together will not be possible.  Social distancing will be in place all day.


Will parents have the option to go back to the building later if they choose to stay in distance learning at this time?

Yes, absolutely.  Parents would just need to inform the District and then give us a week to get the space prepared for them to join in.   You will also be able to change back to distance learning if you choose to at a later time.  


Will my child have their same teacher(s) if they stay in distance learning? 

Yes, we are planning on having teachers keep their students in both distance and in-class learning.  Both groups will be receiving the same instruction with google classrooms kept in place for both groups.


I hope these responses help with some of your questions.


Please feel free to reach out if I can help you in any way. 


Again, I have to say how very proud I am of our teachers.   They are masters of their craft and in the current circumstances, are giving all they have to keep school engaging, challenging, and delightful for your children.


Stay safe and wear a mask!


We'll keep a list of your most frequently asked questions here

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In the meantime...the school handbook has lots of information!