Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I know when my child eats lunch?  

 Parents are welcome to eat breakfast (7:30am-7:50am) and/or lunch with their child. They just need to show their ID and we provide them with a badge in the front office.  Keep in mind that parents are only allowed to go to the cafe with this badge, please no classroom visits.  

2.   What is the policy for birthday celebrations? 

We respect parent choice on what their child eats for lunch and therefore we discourage food for birthday celebrations.  For a sweet birthday treat, we allow mini-sized cupcakes only!  We want kids to get some nutrition at lunchtime and if they eat a regular size cupcake, they don't eat much else. No full-size cakes or standard sized cupcakes please.  Cupcakes must be store bought per school district rules.  Always check with your teacher for additional information including any classroom allergies.

3.  How do I know my child's fine arts rotation? 

Kindergarten through 2nd grade students have a fine arts rotation that includes music, art, dance and PE.   2nd grade also has a guidance rotation with Dr. Lexande.  The rotations are listed below by grade, as well as the calendar which will indicate what day of the rotation it is.  Always check with your teacher should you have specific questions about the fine arts rotation.  Information for grades 3-5 will be posted shortly. Your teacher is always the best source of information for schedule questions. 

Click Below to see what rotation day it is on the fine arts calendar. Check to make sure you are viewing the right grade. Kindergarten/1st grade rotation is different from 2nd grade.
We'll keep a list of your most frequently asked questions here

In the meantime...the school handbook has lots of information!

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